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  • Fun activities all year round Whatever the conditions we have programs to make the most of our beautiful environment
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  • Want to see what we do Check out our promo video and get excited!

  • Discover your potential The real adventure is discovering what you can achieve.
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Design Your Own Adventure

We will provide a professional and safe programme for your group. No previous experience is required to take part in our activities, and we'll help match the skills of your group with the best adventures for their growth and development.

You can choose one of our adventure packages, or we'll work with you to design a programme that suits your needs, budget, the time of year, and your group's goals. Talk to us so we can design a programme to suit your group and provide a quote.

Adventure packages

We can take the hard work out of creating a camp with these ready-made packages for groups of 9 - 11 or multiples of. Choose one of these adventure packages, or adapt elements to suit your group.

adventure packages

Adventure Week

adventure weekWHAT: A five-day adventure focusing on leadership, perseverance, teamwork and trust. Our team will lead your group on a full range of outdoor activities during the day, leaving the evenings free for your own group activities.

FOR: Anyone! Ideal for organised groups from schools, youth groups, churches, social or corporate teams, and youth training programmes.

INCLUDES: Four nights' accommodation, four days' activities, qualified instructors and all specialist gear. Shorter or longer adventures are also possible.

Adventure Weekend

adventure weekendWHAT: A Friday-to-Sunday adventure programme focusing on fun, teamwork and trust. Enjoy a focused range of outdoor activities designed to give your group the best weekend getaway. Activities are run by BMAC during the day, leaving the evenings free to relax or have your own group activities.

FOR: Anyone at anytime ... youth groups, families, churches or organisations.

INCLUDES: One-and-a-half days' adventure activities, two nights' accommodation, instructors  and specialist gear.

NZQA Training

nzqaWHAT: A tailor-made adventure course focusing on achieving the performance criteria laid out in the unit standard. Qualified instructors show students the ropes and help them push their boundaries in a safe way. The course will be run by BMAC either on or off site depending on the course requirements. Unit Standards do incur an additional cost please get in touch for a full quote.

FOR: Anyone 13 years and over, students, teachers, outdoor facilitators.

INCLUDES: Tailor-made adventure courses focusing on achieving unit standards, instructors and specialist gear.

Men's / Women's Weekend

mens womensWHAT: Get together with a bunch of guys or girls for a weekend of laughs, challenges and adventure. Our instructors will lead your group through a range of outdoor activities, focused on helping them discover just what they can achieve, in a supportive environment. Whether it's a 'man camp' or 'girls weekend away', our adventures will refresh and recharge.

FOR: Groups of women or men aged 16 and over.

INCLUDES: One and a half days' adventure activities, two nights accommodation, instructors, specialist gear, food and evening programmes.

Our cost commitment

Our costs depend on many variables including the needs of your group, length of stay, activities and accommodation. We are committed to working with you and providing the most cost effective options.

Start your adventure today

Phone: 07 892 2630
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Through interactions with BMAC, troubled families we work with have been given the confidence to make life changing decisions in their lives. BMAC has always tailored our experiences so that our participants will gain all that they can from their time there.

Taumarunui Police


BMAC is one of the best adventure based retreats I have ever had the privilege of visiting! With modern, comfortable facilities and great professional instructors with a wide range of activities, you'd be hard pressed to find better.

Karl (camper)


BMAC is accredited for all outdoor activities. We meet benchmark safety standards and demonstrate a commitment to safety and quality.